New year – new releases

This year startet calmly, but yet very busy behind the curtains. Whatever always runs in the background became visible in these two albums, which were coincidentally released at the same date: January 22.

Take a look and an ear:

Therion. This band is my personal hero in the Symphonic Metal genre and this time I was asked to play a tiny violin solo. So you find me breathless, humbled, and so very grateful!

I am not less happy about having worked together with shooting star MajorVoice. Here I was allowed to play the hookline of the song, so we found OUR song in „Waves of Love“:

(I participated in the albums only as studio musician.)


I wish for all of you peace in your hearts and minds!

And treat yourself with our Christmas concert of Subway to Sally. We found a way to have our concert series “Eisheilige Nacht” this year anyway. Click on the picture and join us!

Eisheilige Nacht Online 2020


Of course we will not do without our “Eisheilige Nacht” this year. So we gave it a lot of thought and created a special concert for you and will come to your living rooms

Stream us from Dec 25 to 31. We will perform not only our own songs, but perform songs of and with special guest and will play our guests’ songs in our manner as well. On top we collected a lot of special and charming bonus material.

I am looking very much forward to seeing you at our special end of the year:

Tickets and infos: EISHEILIGE NACHT ONLINE 2020