Without fuss…

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Metallica’s “Nothing else matters”

Recently I participated in a little fun competition. Therefor one should record “Nothing else matters” in their own version and on their own instrument. So here I am sharing my version von electric violin(s).

I hope, you’d like it a bit and looking forward to meeting you at my YouTube-Chanel. ;)

Video premiere of Reinhard Mey and friends

“No, I will not give my sons” [to war]. This is the basic line of Reinhard Mey’s incredible song from 1986. This year we gave it a new nuance and were allowed to shoot a video with him. To give his words additional our voices.

Take a look and support the fight for children in war and crises:

„We don’t want to use any advertising for this song, because all money, we would generate, goes directly to the work of Friedensdorf International e.V. (https://friedensdorf.de)“

Instructor at the Wacken Metal Academy

In October 2020 the doors of the Wacken Metal Academy open the first time. And I am very, very happy to announce, that I will take care of all the violinists there.

Learning at the Academy means a proper professional training as a musician in the Metal field. The education is allowed to be supported by BAföG.

Thursday, Oct 1 we are celebrating the opening and I will be there for sure, playing a song with my mate Robert Klawonn.

Apply at the Academy at any time. You will have to qualify by an examination. I am looking forward to meeting YOU there!