Online Lessons

I offer you the opposite to the “classical” violin lesson. And that from the comfort of your own home, namely online. (You can even skype online and don’t even have to install it on your computer.)

* no matter what age(!)
* we learn the basics of playing technique,
which are the same in classical and rock
* you are “allowed” to learn exactly what you want
(Irish folk, rock, klezmer …)
* I can hear all the songs you want to play and create scores 
or whatever we are using in your case
* you absolutely do not need any previous knowledge
* available in German oder English language

Do you trust me? I have a classical violin diploma, have played in several bands in almost all genres and have been imparting my knowledge for a number of years.

How much does it cost? I’ll even give you the special Corona price of 40.00 € / h. You do not have to book regular lessons, but can also receive lessons sporadically and / or to supplement your existing lessons.

✏️ Interested? Then feel free to write me a message to allythefiddle[@]

ATTENTION! Those who have helped me with their donation and have given 100.00 € or more, get the lessons free of charge until their donation is “redeemed”, if they want. 

Subway to Sally signed with Napalm Records

Cult band SUBWAY TO SALLY sign worldwide contract with Napalm Records!

SUBWAY TO SALLY, the chart-winning cult band around singer Eric Fish and violinist Ally Storch, have signed a worldwide record deal with the Austrian metal institution NAPALM RECORDS.

SUBWAY TO SALLY for signing:
“We are really looking forward to working together and to our new album, which will be released in 2021. Especially in the current time it is important to have a reliable partner at your side. We therefore made a conscious decision to choose NAPALM for our first, classic record contract after almost ten years of independence!”

Thomas Caser, Managing Director NAPALM RECORDS, comments:
“We are very pleased to welcome SUBWAY TO SALLY, one of the most influential German bands and pioneers of a genre, to the NAPALM RECORDS family! With the concentrated NAPALM power we will do everything we can to continue the success story of the band. “

Secret Video Shooting

Last Wednesday in the forests around Berlin. We had the great honor to work with the gorgeous Reinhard Mey and a couple of artists from mainly the Gothic and Metal scene. It took seven hours for a very emotional shooting and a very emotional song.

I remain very humble and grateful, with a filled heart. And looking very much forward to sharing the video with you at least! We will all stay excited! :)

[You will find some first impressions exclusively on my Patreon-Page. Which supports me a lot.]
Picture: Axel Hildebrandt
Picture: Private

Art Print now available (charity)

When I had to ask my friends and fans for money at the begin of the Corona crisis, I was overrun by a wave of empathy. (I had to pay my own band, but one promoter wasn’t able to pay our recent concert and will not be for a long time due to the current circumstances.)

The incredible artist Timo Wuerz immediately started to paint a portrait of mine as a surprise. But when I got it, I had all the money collected yet via donations.

So now I ordered a couple of high quality art prints of it and will donate the selling profit to the art and culture landscape, which still has to suffer under the pandemic.

Find it here in my SHOP: Ally the Fiddle – SHOP

“Together on our own”

I feel very blessed to be part of this collaboration! Despite of the huge distance between all of us we feel so close at least.
I suppose there is a special bond between us musicians which carries us especially in “special” times. 🙏❤️

Over 60 musicians participated in this masterpiece, composed and written by Lev Kershner. With the performance of those great musicians as Noa Gruman (Scardust), Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura), Alex Landenburg (Kamelot), Ben Christo (The Sisters of Mercy), Moran Magal and Yanai Avnet. Additional with a giant choir from all over the world and from well-known Rock and Metal choirs.

I was allowed to participate with a whole string quartet and to add my own electric violin solo.

Violins: the classical black “Elena” from Carbon fibre by Carbon Klang and the electric black “Novita” (five-string) by Gewa Strings. Strings by Thomastik-Infeld.