“The lessons with Ally are always fun, they are wonderfully unconventional. Ally is open for every musical style and a great coach for playing in a band. She gives always the right input and my play became so mich better within the last two years.” – Eva, one of my pupils


I am offering the opportunity of

Private Online Lessons, easily from home and for all over the world in the English and German language. As well as
Vocational Training in presence lessons at the Wacken Metal Academy and the Hamburg School of Music.

We are learning outside the classical music (of course classical is possible as well as your specific wish).

I am offering:

  • to teach the playing techniques (up to a professional level)
  • lessons for all ages (except kids under the age of 12)
  • you can learn your favorite songs
  • special knowledge. You can specialize in a certain genre.
  • to teach you improvisation, songwriting and the skills to learn music by ear
  • to specialize in electric violin (their sounds, sound effects, instruments with more than 4 strings…)
  • knowledge about recording software and work with MIDI
  • YOU GIVE THE DIRECTION in which I will guide you

Price: I am charging 95,00€ (incl. taxes) for 45minutes. You can take lessons each week or you can take a lesson sporadically (single lessons, coaching…). I am getting payed only for the lessons we actually had together.
(For school prices please check out the Academy’s and the School’s websites.)


You need help for a certain project? Guidance with recording or writing your violin/viola/cello tracks? Help with songwriting? Help to find access for a certain music Style or playing technique? You want to know to create your own playback-tracks? – For those requests sometimes only a couple of hours are necessary. Of course I am there for you.

Price: 95,00€ (incl. taxes) for 45minutes.

References: Nicole Ansperger (“Eluveitie”), Savennah Childers (“Infinitas”), Thomas Prukop (“Mythemia”) a.m.m.


VIDEO: The Rock Violin Vlog: #12 This is how an electric violin works (suitable also for kids!)

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