If you seek professional training as rock and metal violinist you will find me at Wacken Metal Academy.


I am offering the opportunity of Online Lessons. Comfortably from your own home via Skype (which doesn’t need to be installed on your computer but can be used simply online or Zoom), from all over the world and in the German or English language.

We will have lessons aside the Classical world. But of course you will learn all playing techniques, because they are as necessary for the Classical as for the Rock world. We will mainly play material from Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk… in their sounds and special playing techniques.

Do you trust me?: I am a classical trained violinist with a very good diploma. Over decades I am now actively on stage worldwide. And finally I was playing in nearly all genres yet in a long time (from Jazz and Irish Folk to Heavy Metal ;) ).

I am offering:

  • to teach the playing techniques (up to a professional level)
  • lessons for all ages(!) – since I am not training you for a classical professional career, it is indeed not important, at what age you start or continue
  • you can learn your favorite songs. If there is no learning material yet, I will write down everything by ear and teach you how to play it
  • special knowledge. You may specialize in a certain genre (like Irish Folk), but of course I am also giving you an overview over all kinds of music
  • to teach you improvisation and the skills to learn music by ear
  • to specialize in electric violins (their sounds, sound effects, instruments with more than 4 strings…)
  • knowledge about recording software and work with MIDI

Don’t hesitate; I am a nice person. O:) And keep in mind: Talent is just a very small part of making music. The other is being diligent and keeping an open mind.

Price: I am charging 40,00€ for 60minutes as a Corona Special Price*. You can take lessons each week or you can take a lesson sporadically. Therefor we would just chat about our next meeting
(Top Secret!: if you are not able to have more than 30minutes for a lesson, we take this time for out meeting and I am charging just 25,00€.)
[I am asking for the payment in advance. Ideally via PayPal. Thank you! In case, we have technical difficulties and can’t have a proper lesson, I will give your money back. Also if one of us couldn’t make it to the ]

*If you are starting now, we will keep the price.


VIDEO: The Rock Violin Vlog: #12 This is how an electric violin works (suitable also for kids!)

Next one: June 19, 11:00p.m. Online at ‘Sternenklang Festival’