Solo CDs with “Ally the Fiddle”


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  • UP, Ally The Fiddle, Gentle Art Of Music, 2018
  • The One, Ally The Fiddle, self production, 2013
  • The Crumbling Autumn, Ally The Fiddle, self production, 2011
  • Red Unicorn, Ally The Fiddle, self production, 2008

Studio works for various bands (excerpt):

  • Artus, Schandmaul, Universal Music, will be released May 3, 2019
  • Irish Steel, FB 1964, Badenhop Studio. 2019
  • HEY!, Subway To Sally, Subway To Sally, 2019
  • Sakrament, Bannkreis, Universal Music, 2018
  • Koboldtanz, Kelpy, self production, 2017, inspired by Christian v. Aster’s “Koboltikum” – Ally plays Violin, Electric Violin, Viola and Nyckelharpa
  • Störtebeker, FB 1964, Badenhop Studio, 2016 (with Jennifer Batton of Michael Jackson, Tina Guo of Hans Zimmer live, Axel Rudi Pell, Victor Smolski of Rage, John Gallagher of Dying Fetus, Gary Holt of Slayer, Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy, Udo Dirkschneider of U.D.O. and Accept, Andreas Geremia of Tankard and many more
  • Solar Empire, Hydra, STF Records, 2016
  • A-dron-e-line, Homebound, 2016
  • Verfallen Folge 2: Fassaden, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2016
  • Albers Anders, Bernd “Zuppe” Buchholz (Monokel)
  • Raben im Herz, Coronatus,Massacre Records, 2015
  • Unendlich (DVD), Schandmaul, Vertigo/Capitol (Universal Music), 2014
  • 15 Jahre Brachialromantik – Das große Jubiläumskonzert (DVD to the 15th anniversary) Letzte Instanz, Drakkar Entertainment, 2014
  • We want Mohr, Knorkator, Nuclear Blast, 2013
  • Recreatio Carminis, Coronatus, Massacre Record, 2013
  • Maskenhaft, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2013
  • Geisterfahrer, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2012
  • The Final Last Dream, Umbra et Imago, SPV GmbH, expected 2012
  • 20, DVD to the 20th anniversary, Umbra et Imago, SPV GmbH, 2011
  • Terra Incognita, Coronatus, self production, 2011
  • fremd, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2011
  • Es werde Nicht, Knorkator, Nuclear Blast, 2011
  • Davon geht die Welt nicht unter, single, Umbra et Imago, SPV GmbH, 2011
  • Jesang zur Jitarre und manchmal ooch Jeije, with Stumpen und Buzz Dee (Knorkator), self production, 2010
  • Opus Magnus / Ohne Dich (album and single), Umbra et Imago, SPV GmbH, 2010
  • Von Zaubererbrüdern, DVD, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2009
  • Zaubererbruder, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2008
  • Horror Vacui, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2008
  • An Eye for an Eye, Dezperadoz, AFM Records, 2008
  • Tales of Ithiria, Haggard, Drakkar, 2007
  • Tobsucht, DVD, Die Apokalyptische Reiter, Nuclear Blast, 2007
  • Once in a Lifetime, ASP and Chamber, Trisol Music Group, 2007
  • Leer ist das Vogelhaus, film music by Julian Pesek, film academy Baden-Württemberg, 2007
  • Requiembryo, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2007
  • Ich bin ein wahrer Satan, ASP, Trisol Music Group, 2006
  • Meer zu Seen, Crossover Orchestra Rostock, Production for NDR and M-V tourism, 2004