Art Print now available (charity)

When I had to ask my friends and fans for money at the begin of the Corona crisis, I was overrun by a wave of empathy. (I had to pay my own band, but one promoter wasn’t able to pay our recent concert and will not be for a long time due to the current circumstances.)

The incredible artist Timo Wuerz immediately started to paint a portrait of mine as a surprise. But when I got it, I had all the money collected yet via donations.

So now I ordered a couple of high quality art prints of it and will donate the selling profit to the art and culture landscape, which still has to suffer under the pandemic.

Find it here in my SHOP: Ally the Fiddle – SHOP

“Together on our own”

I feel very blessed to be part of this collaboration! Despite of the huge distance between all of us we feel so close at least.
I suppose there is a special bond between us musicians which carries us especially in “special” times. 🙏❤️

Over 60 musicians participated in this masterpiece, composed and written by Lev Kershner. With the performance of those great musicians as Noa Gruman (Scardust), Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura), Alex Landenburg (Kamelot), Ben Christo (The Sisters of Mercy), Moran Magal and Yanai Avnet. Additional with a giant choir from all over the world and from well-known Rock and Metal choirs.

I was allowed to participate with a whole string quartet and to add my own electric violin solo.

Violins: the classical black “Elena” from Carbon fibre by Carbon Klang and the electric black “Novita” (five-string) by Gewa Strings. Strings by Thomastik-Infeld.

“Home Alone”

At home for a couple of weeks? The kids at home? Trying not to go crazy?

In my new series I will try to give away some ideas to find some valuable activities for everyone. Simple and for free. [This series is in German, but I added English subtitles.]
Feel welcome to join me and to subscribe to my cannel.

I wish you and all of us all the best!

Cancelled and postponed concerts

So the first of our concerts of Subway to Sally’s “Hey!”-Tour are postponed yet- And I am quite sure we can assume, that the rest of the concerts will be cancelled by “higher positions” as well. The band is working hard at the moment to find perfect solutions for our situation, to postpone concerts to fall 2020 for instance.

We are asking for your patience and hope, you all will go healthy through Corona-time. We are looking forward to seeing you in autumn!

And my deepest respect to our management and booking for their great effort in this moment!

GEWA Video

Here it is!!! And I am excited to be the one, who got featured together with my gorgeous buddy, the five-string electric violin “Novita 3.0” of GEWA company. What an honor!!

Many thanks to everyone, who helped to create such an awesome video: Lasse Lammert made the beautiful sound effects on my violin. Alec Koff created the playbacks, which I used to write this song “Two faced lady”. Florian Döring filmed and cut such a great short-film and the location “Jams Hotel” in Munich offered its breathtaking place.

We used only the great violin strings of Thomastik-Infeld in this video.