Sternenklang Festival online

I am very glad to return so rapidly to the Moritzbastei in Leipzig.

The “Sternenklang Festival” allowed me to give a workshop/clinic again, which will be different to the last one (“Darkstreamfestival 2021” – find it on Youtube). Additionally I will be playing songs live from my repertoire, especially by my band Ally the Fiddle.

June 19, 11:00p.m. Let’s meet there! – It will be worth it!

By the way: shortly before, 8.00p.m. Eric and I will read from the Subway to Sally biography.

❤️‍🩹 And I feel great to know, that I am fully vaccinated and safe for everyone now!

Release and Special Evening

This Friday Subway to Sally will come up with the recording of our Online Concert Eisheiligen Nacht, ‘Back to Lindenpark’ from December 2020. In the meaning of our annual tour we invited illustrious guests like Schandmaul, Feuerschwanz, Patty Gurdy, Chris Harms, MajorVoice and Saltatio Mortis. Besides the recording itself in the versions CD, BluRay und DVD you will find numerous bonus material: interviews, talk at the bar, Christmas carols…

At the release day two of us will appear with [Insert-Scary-Name-Here] and create a special broadcast on Twitch, introducing exclusive views into the DVD, answer your questions and talk around the upcoming Media Box. Make sure to join us – we will have a great evening!

My favorite song on Youtube

When you are not able to play with your band for a whole year and get invitations to Online Festivals you might follow new opportunities. So I rediscovered an old song of mine and arranged it for a solo performance for this year’s festivals and appearances. (Next festival:

How the song turned out and how my festival performance will feel like will be available now on Youtube.

👉And please drop your subscription. That would be a tremendous help for me! Thank you!! ❤️

Onlinemusikfestival May 21-24

The Onlinemusikfestival takes place its second time. And I am very happy to be part of it this year with my Ally The Fiddle program. Of course again with a special set just for the Onlinemusikfestival audience.

Maybe I will add some entertaining bonus material as well this time. And maybe we will have a musical surprise as well with some of my beloved colleagues. ;)

Darkstreamfestival April 8-11

The dark ONLINE festival, streamed and moderated live from club Moritzbastei in Leipzig, aired on Twitch: Conzert Videos, Live-Performances, Live-Moderation and DJs. 
(of course we follow strictly the hygiene rules) – financed by donations.

I participate! As Moderator, with a Workshop and Solo mit music of my project Ally The Fiddle (Progressive Violin Rock/Metal). I will play a different set as in the last festival and changed additional the optic.