Metallica’s “Nothing else matters”

Recently I participated in a little fun competition. Therefor one should record “Nothing else matters” in their own version and on their own instrument. So here I am sharing my version von electric violin(s).

I hope, you’d like it a bit and looking forward to meeting you at my YouTube-Chanel. ;)

Video premiere of Reinhard Mey and friends

“No, I will not give my sons” [to war]. This is the basic line of Reinhard Mey’s incredible song from 1986. This year we gave it a new nuance and were allowed to shoot a video with him. To give his words additional our voices.

Take a look and support the fight for children in war and crises:

„We don’t want to use any advertising for this song, because all money, we would generate, goes directly to the work of Friedensdorf International e.V. (“

Instructor at the Wacken Metal Academy

In October 2020 the doors of the Wacken Metal Academy open the first time. And I am very, very happy to announce, that I will take care of all the violinists there.

Learning at the Academy means a proper professional training as a musician in the Metal field. The education is allowed to be supported by BAföG.

Thursday, Oct 1 we are celebrating the opening and I will be there for sure, playing a song with my mate Robert Klawonn.

Apply at the Academy at any time. You will have to qualify by an examination. I am looking forward to meeting YOU there!

Online Lessons

I offer you the opposite to the “classical” violin lesson. And that from the comfort of your own home, namely online. (You can even skype online and don’t even have to install it on your computer.)

* no matter what age(!)
* we learn the basics of playing technique,
which are the same in classical and rock
* you are “allowed” to learn exactly what you want
(Irish folk, rock, klezmer …)
* I can hear all the songs you want to play and create scores 
or whatever we are using in your case
* you absolutely do not need any previous knowledge
* available in German oder English language

Do you trust me? I have a classical violin diploma, have played in several bands in almost all genres and have been imparting my knowledge for a number of years.

How much does it cost? I’ll even give you the special Corona price of 40.00 € / h. You do not have to book regular lessons, but can also receive lessons sporadically and / or to supplement your existing lessons.

✏️ Interested? Then feel free to write me a message to allythefiddle[@]

ATTENTION! Those who have helped me with their donation and have given 100.00 € or more, get the lessons free of charge until their donation is “redeemed”, if they want.