What a start!

Oh boy!! It was quite a challenge to start the concert year with the own band Ally the Fiddle, but nearly completely with new guys (the music academy asked for the bachelor concerts at this time). But fortunately we could master it – thanks to some very ambitious musicians!

A very huge thanks to: Diemo Heuer (guitar), Tom Geldschläger (guitar), Jan Erichson (drums), Dennis Schwachhofer (drums) and to our irreplaceable Mu(lti)fu(nktional) Rouven (Chapman Stick and bass)!!

The band with certainly the most strings in the world shouts out a loud THANK YOU to everyone, who visited us and carried us on their hands at our concert evenings!

“Ally the Fiddle” open my concert year

After our annual festival “Eisheilige Nacht” of Subway to Sally, which has been especially successful in 2019 (many thanks!!!) I am going to start the year 2020 with my own band and am very excited to play the first venues!

Make sure to get your tickets in time:

31.1. Oberhausen (bei Essen/Duisburg), “Crowded House” –> Tickets
01.2. Dormagen (bei Köln), “Pink” –> Tickets
08.2. Metzingen-Glems (bei Stuttgart/Tübingen), “Hirsch” –> Tickets

‘We are playing Progressive Rock/Metal and Jazz Rock with a six-string electric violin in the front as well as with the extraordinary voice of Ally. While we are introducing live some songs of our latest album “UP” we are as well performing marvelous cover songs in our unique sound by artists as Joe Satriani, Jerry Goodman, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Björk i.e..’ – Ally the Fiddle

We are much looking forward to seeing you there!

Workshop concert at Fidelius violins

On November 23 I was allowed to give a workshop concert at the place of the Schwabe brothers. Ulrich Schwabe is the violin maker and owner of “Fidelius” instruments. So also of my wonderful six-string violin. Martin Schwabe is the expert for Historical Keyboard Instruments.

The concert has been a full success and the workshop nearly burst! I was accompanied by Rouven Haliti (member if my band Ally the Fiddle) and his Chapman Stick. Which got more attention than my violins. ;)

Many thanks to everyone for this unforgettable evening!

with Uli Schwabe of “Fidelius”