Violin for SALE!

Bohemian violin (manufactured), beginning/ middle of the 20th century. Ideal as good violin for beginners or for advanced – I learned violin on this instrument, when I visited the music school. Well in shape (small wears like in the fotos) with a strong sound and ready to be played.

  • G-String (guood) – easy to play in the heights
  • D-String (plastic)
  • A-String (plastic)
  • E-String (gilt aluminum) – warm and brillant with the Kaplan string

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The sound samples are only played on the introduced string. The violin is extraordinary easy to handle in the higher locations. This instrument wasn´t played for a long time.

The used strings

The therefore used strings are – beside of the E-String – not optimized and should be tried out with other ones. The bassbar is from baroque construction. A conversion could also influence the sound positively!

The instrument is for sale for 600,00€ and would rise in its value after a conversion. How much, would show the sound after its optimization.

For further information or if interested: Ally Storch