Violin for SALE!

Bohemian violin (manufactured), beginning/ middle of the 20th century. Ideal as good violin for beginners or for advanced – I learned violin on this instrument, when I visited the music school. Well in shape (small wears like in the fotos) with a strong sound and ready to be played.

  • G-String (guood) – easy to play in the heights
  • D-String (plastic)
  • A-String (plastic)
  • E-String (gilt aluminum) – warm and brillant with the Kaplan string

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The sound samples are only played on the introduced string. The violin is extraordinary easy to handle in the higher locations. This instrument wasn´t played for a long time.

The used strings

The therefore used strings are – beside of the E-String – not optimized and should be tried out with other ones. The bassbar is from baroque construction. A conversion could also influence the sound positively!

The instrument is for sale for 600,00€ and would rise in its value after a conversion. How much, would show the sound after its optimization.

For further information or if interested: Ally Storch

Ally on Radio NDR

Tomorrow, Friday 26th Oct. Ally will be on NDR1 Radio MV with an interview  about her work and “Ally the Fiddle” at 7:05 p.m.(MEZ)!!

[the interview is in german] NDR – Link

Many thanks to Gabriele Struck who did the interview and who always supports and enriches the cultural landscape of Germany´s county Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Now officially MEINL and D´Addario take Ally into their artists list


Ally the Fiddle – new Endorser for D´Addario violin and viola strings

We are proud to welcome Ally Storch at D´Addario. Already in the age of 6 she received her first violin lessons. After being the concert master in different youth orchestras she studied musicology. Subsequently she studied classical music in the subject violin in Rostock. While she studied violin Ally Storch discovered her love for Modern and New Music, what influences her understanding of music a lot. She finished her studies in 2010 with the best note in her main subject and the annual cycle best results in the subjects “Musical Analysis” and “Musical History”.
As a high f´demanded studio- (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, ASP, Knorkator, Umbra et Imago) and live musician Ally plays in various projects, like ASP, Haggard, Irish Coffeé, The Dream of Ireland, 2011 with the „Blue Sky Orchestra” in Cannes/ France as the accompaniment of David Garrett, the representation of Schandmaul´s violin and of course her own soloist project Ally the Fiddle. As well as as violinist with the Zyex silver version DZ310S-4/4M, as as violist with the Helicore H310-4/4M strings the successful musician values the strings for their various applications.

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Ally Storch – enjoy her live:

  • 24.5. “The Dream of Ireland” Irish Dance Show in Graal-Müritz, with Dream of Ireland
  • 09.6. “Novarock Festival” Nickelsdorf (AU), with Schandmaul
  • 05.7. “Haggard Open-Air-Concert” Burghausen, with Haggard
  • 07.7. “Castle Rock Festival” Mülheim/ Ruhr, premiere with ASP´s Von Zaubererbrüdern
  • 03.8. “Festungsgraben” Würzburg, with Schandmaul
  • 05.8. “Wacken:Open:Air” Wacken, with Schandmaul
  • 12.8. “M´era Luna Festival” Hannover, with Schandmaul
  • 25.8. “Feuertal Festival” Wuppertal, with Schandmaul
  • 01.9. “Zusammenkunft Festival” Hanau, with ASPs Von Zaubererbrüdern
  • 13.9. “Ursprung” Rostock, with ALLY THE FIDDLE
  • 14.9. “Moorfest” Graal-Müritz, Ally solo
  • 29.9. “The Dream of Ireland” Irish Dance Show in Graal-Müritz, with Dream of Ireland
  • 02.10. “K17” Berlin, with ALLY THE FIDDLE
  • 04.10. “Bergkeller” Reichenbach/ Vogtland, with ALLY THE FIDDLE
  • 12.10. “GlavCluab” St. Petersburg (RU), with Schandmaul
  • 13.10. “Concert Hall” Moskau (RU), with Schandmaul