Concert canceled for the 16th and 17th february, Ally the Fiddle "theARTer Galerie"

Dear friends,

that was really a hard decision, but at least necessary. We were already having in mind, that concerts in `theARTer Galerie` are always unusual. So guitarist Diemo took free for his university exams anyway (we still cross you fingers!!) and we worked on new arrangements. But now also guitarist Robert was `defused` a couple of weeks ago; he fell and hurt his arm in a bad manner. How fast he would recover no one was able to say. Additionally we wanted to leave our new potentially bassists play in these concerts.

Meanwhile it is clear, that RobĀ“s arm will not recover in time and – as it would not be enough – Robert caught a flu too, so we thought about another alternative program. This time with a cello player. But that would have been: again new arrangements, lots of (not realizable) rehearsals and once again a new program to learn for the bassists.

However you turn it; there was no acceptable alternative. Sick is sick.

So we cancel both concerts at `theARTer Galerie` with sad minds. But return hopefully in autumn with a new program in our planned tour!

All the best – and get well soon, Robi,