Subway To Sally is accompanied on her 2016 tour “Eisheilige Nacht” by fotografer Stefan Anker. In his blog “Mal Auge fragen” he posts every day a “picture of the day” and some of his thoughts. In his entry of Dec 28. he talks about Ally and her focused gaze, which is nearly impossible to catch in a live concert, but in a soundcheck situation, where he is able to come close enough to his motives:

Foto © Stefan Anker

In the pic: the new six string electric violin by Fidelius, which Ally plays first the very first time.

Eric’s Tour Diary

In “Erics Tourtagebuch” (Eric’s Tour Diary) the singer of Subway To Sally writes down his everyday impressions on tour. But for the date Dec 27 (Würzburg, Posthalle) he asked Ally to do an entry:

The new Violinist of Subway To Sally

Finally officially! And I can not tell, how glad and thankful I am to follow into the foot steps of Frau Schmitt (Silke Meyer), who is without any doubt one of the most wonderful persons I know.

“After we had to play all festival shows of this summer without Frau Schmitt also we wanted to know, how the band would continue. Frau Schmitt finally decided this way:

Dear fans, dear friends!

Some time passed away and I found occasion to overthink some things. Now my decision is done: I will not return to Subway To Sally. Some of you will be disappointed and I have to live with that. Others will understand. We had 26 years and a good mutual time, but now I have to follow my own ways.

I will of course remain faithful with music and hope to bring joy with my own creations. Furthermore I started a training in the artistically accompanying area. I learn a lot of new things and a new dimension of the meaning if music.

My warmest greetings to all of you


Of course we have been prepared for this news. In the past month we were communicating a lot and Frau Schmitt will indeed not return to the stage, but will always be a part of this band. After so many years, so many concerts and so many experiences this is a huge step which needs a lot of courage.

The part of the violinist will be now permanently occupied by Ally Storch, who you might have met yet in the summer on the festival stages with us. Ally is a seasoned rock violinist, who entered the stage already with ASP, Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern, Letzte Instanz, Schandmaul, Haggard and other leading bands of our scene and of course with her own soloist project Ally The Fiddle. Ally was chosen by Frau Schmitt herself. The two musicians are friends and appreciate each other. More about Ally:

We wish lots of success for Frau Schmitt’s prospective musical journey. A hint of the content of her new CD, which is actually in progress, will be found here: Frau Schmitt – Am Abend