interruption for Ally at the Schandmaul tour

It was unexpected, as Tobi Heindl was playing on the Schandmaul stage instead of Ally on March 7th. Thomas Lindner, singer of the band, explained to the surprised audience, that Ally had come into hospital because of a circulation collapse.

Nobody should know what really happened: Ally is pregnant!!! And her “collapse” had been bleedings. Not unusual for pregnancies within the first 13 weeks; but a frightening sign for a possible loss of the growing life. So the doctors recommended a whole day in bed in absolute calmness. The bleedings stopped the same day and Ally was able to go home two days after the threat.

After an intensive check today, Febr. 13th we can proudly and official announce, that Ally is pregnant and she and her growing baby are with excellent health. And finished the critical time if pregnancy :)

But one sad side is left: because of the happenings from March 7th the band Schandmaul prefers not to continue the tour with Ally. So all upcoming shows will be played now by Fiddler Tobi Heindl.