Last concert before baby break: "Mera Luna" with the band "Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern"


Nor does the little worm in Ally’s belly with each concert and listens attentively. Nevertheless, it’s time to treat him too well-deserved rest before birth and so is Ally on August 9 last time and highly pregnant on stage.

“Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern” ignite on August 9th, 4:55 pm from a short but intense musical fireworks on the main stage. Followed by autograph session.

The line-up for Saturday alone is impressive: “Marilyn Manson”, “Paradise Lost” and “Subway to Sally” play right after the “magician brothers”.



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"Ally the Fiddle" the last time in 2014: "first Rock and blues festival" in Barth

This is a feast! Since Ally’s baby belly is growing faster and going fatter, is approaching the time when she can not move on stage anymore. So this festival will be the last show for the year 2014 of “Ally the Fiddle”.

We look forward to the great line-up and the unusually long seasons – so you will come on your full cost !:
Beginn: 04:00 pm

17:00 Schmmoos (
18:15 Honest (
19:30 ALLY THE FIDDLE (Facebook)
21:15 Zed Mitchell (
23:00 East Blues Experience (

Organizer: Celtic Pub “de Smuggler”

Buy your tickets in the “Smuggler” – Barth, in the service centers of the Baltic Newspaper and on Eventim (tickets: 22,00€)