Dream of Ireland

The Dream of Ireland – an Irish Dance Show

Nearly nobody does not know shows like “Riverdance” or dancers like Michael Flatley.

Irish O´Sean (Hannes Schönian) started late for an artist like him to do Irish Dance, but found here his incredible skills. So he already fascinated his audience in the age of 15. Beside his education in an Irish Dance School in Hamburg he danced first in the streets of Rostock and Warnemünde. Of course that did not stay unnoticed.

So Ally Storch and the today 19aged Irish O´Sean found together and planned to start a mutual soloist project – in combination of Irish Dance and Irish Fiddle. A good platform for the dancer to show his competition proofed skills, to work out choreographies and also to make the stage set. And for Ally to show the pure beauty of Irish Tunes, to tell something about their roots and to improvise to Irish Folk Music.

Meanwhile the shows invites marvelous guests like the dancer Nanni Sumida and the two musicians Sashia Haiberg and Steffen “Benny” Kurtz. – A deverting evening, where the audience will be hijacked to Ireland for a short while, will be enchanted by the the clear as a bell voice of dane Sashia, will have a small excursion into Ireland´s musical history with Ally, stops it´s breath for Hannes´ jumps, will be amazed about Nanni´s light feeds or fibres to Benny´s “Sailor´s Hornpipe”.


  • Irish O´Sean (Dance, Voice, Tin and Low Whistle, Bodhran)
  • Ally Storch (Fiddle, Voice, Spokeswoman)
  • Nanni Sumida (Dance)
  • Sashia Haiberg (Voice, Tin Whistle)
  • Steffen “Benny” Kurtz (Voice, Guitar, Mandolin)

The three musicians Sashia, Benny and Ally are playing with “Irish Coffée”, but also in this three men combination as “Celtic Breath“.

official website: dream-of-ireland.de

Facebook: The Dream of Ireland

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