Irish Coffée

Irish Folk and New Country. Ally was member from 2006 to 2013.

Irish Coffée/Brooks Forever/The Soul of Ireland

  • Irish Coffee is a 10 man band from the town of Warnemünde in the north of Germany and is known in several countries in Europe.
  • we play authentic Folk Rock, New lrish Folk, New Country, traditional and covers in our own style with amazing voices and professional musicians.
  • We are met with enthusiasm everywhere we play, no matter if we play for a younger or elder audience.
  • we play on Open Airs, Town Festivals and Pubs; furthermore we can be seen on TV and heard in the Radio. »We started out playing in the streets and now we are on our way to success«.

Some of our most successful songs played in they radio

»Our life is music«, »I do believe«, »Too much blue«, »Christmastime«
1st CD: »The Search«, 2nd CD: »lrish Coffee II«, 3rd CD: »Our live is music«

The second show we offer to you is the one and only Garth Brooks Cover and Tribute band in Europe Brooks Forever

The show lasts 90 min. and is played as close to the original Garth Brooks sound as possible like in the show No. 1 with 3 backing vocals, acoustic guitar, pedalsteel, lapsteel, fiddle, piano-keyboard, drums, bass and e-guitar.
Another show, the show The Soul of Ireland (Irish Coffée + 16 irish dancers) is really an experience and is occasionally mixed with the lrish Coffee show.

Irish Coffee can be booked for festivals, confirmations, festivals, private/ family parties and galas.

Available cast with 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 musicians.

(Irish Coffée with “Too much Blue”]

(with “Brooks Forever” on the Country Fair in Berlin)