Ally soloist

Ally soloist

  • soloist and without any accompaniment Irish Folk, Klezmer, Jazz…(ideal for welcome, interlude and background music)
  • soloist to a half playback “Ally Solo” with an own program with sets à 20minutes (marvelous as show slot): Rock, Pop and Lounge

Sample for a ROCK SET:


Audio Samples:

King of the Fairies (Irish Folk)


Dirty Orchestra (Hip Hop)

  • soloist with the live sound of a DJ(as show slot)
  • soloist with or without accompaniment with “light classical music” (especially well for dinner music)


Frühlingssonate Excerpt (with piano accompaniment)

With this offer Ally is a high demanded guest on weddings, hotel events, fairs and company parties.

Booking: mail[at]