The Walk-a-Tones (Jazz, Klezmer, Evergreens…)


“Without stream and wire the Walk-a-Tones are coming, a high class cast Walking Band, moving through their audience with a lot of fun to play. In every event (Cocktail Party, Dinner…) the four musicians with male and female singer are so close to the audience, that you can feel their enthusiasm directly. Have much fun with the Walk-a-Tones.

The Walk-a-Tones are professional musicians and singers, who all worked with internationally well known artists yet. The band are singer Nathalie Schäfer and singer Robert Führer, two guitarists, a violinist and a doublebassist.”

Bandlink: walk-a-tones.de


Booking & Management
Franziska Linda Hofmann
Kelsterbacher Straße 32
D 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Tel +49 69 46 30 89 01
iPhone +49 171 5 28 24 38


(this video contains the original cast with Ralf Hübner at the violin)


(Ally as guest musician of the “Blue Sky Orchestra” with singer Bob Dawn in the ”Elvis – Las Vegas Revival Show”, a further project of the “Walk-a-Tones” musicians.)