You will find here some questions about the violin. And because of the many requests additional about my hair.


Here now a summary of the frequently asked questions about playing violin.

How long do you practice a day?
How many years are necessary to play violin like you?
What do I do, when I have no or not much time to practice?
My teacher gave me so much stuff/ I collected so much stuff to rehearse - how can I cope with it every day?
I often do not have the mood or motivation to practice. What can I do in that case?
Can I learn to play violin without a teacher?
Am I too old with my 20/ 30/ 40/ 50/ 60+ years to learn violin now? Or to start again with lessons?
Do I need to take my violin with me in the holidays? And how do I come back to practice after vacations?


Of course I am often asked something about my hair. Although their lengths is not unusual in some countries (Russia, India…). But they seem to cause lots of questions, so here are the most asked ones.

Is your hair real?
How long did it take for your hair to grow to such a length?
For how long didn´t you cut your hair?
Why is your hair that long and my one does not want to grow?
Why do you have that long hair? Isn´t that uncomfortable?
How do you make it, that your hair doesn't get caught in the violin or the bow?
What products do you use, that your hair stays that long and healthy?
How are your care tips?