My violin strings at the Mondomusica Fair in Cremona

A visit at Thomastik Infeld:

It was a great pleasure to meet all the fantastic and very sympathetic people behind the brand; a special honor to meet the beautiful owner Zdenka Infeld in person. As well as Franz Klanner, the developer of the strings and especially those unique strings, like my deep F-string of my six-string violin (which sounds beautiful!) and violin star Roby Lakatos.

My warmest thanks!


Finally we are playing again in the city, which I had chosen to be my home for around 13years. So we will be back in our “Baltic family” and celebrate a concert with my beloved solo band “Ally the Fiddle“. Here you will have Progressive Rock/Metal and Jazzrock for your ears.

See you on Sep 20 (the birthday of my beloved sister) at MAU Club!
We will additional be supported by “old” friends of ours with whom we played the first and last time over 10 years ago. So be curious for Katanga from Greifswald.

I am coming HOME!! :)

Novita 3.0 of GEWA

In the past weeks I was allowed to test the new electric violin of GEWA, the Novita 3.0. And additional the prototype of the five-string Novita, before this instrument would enter the market.

Many thanks for the trust, dear GEWA!

The two beauties on their way back for last fixations. I can’t await to finAlly getting them back and playing them!

Find an impression of the Novita’s sound here:

The GEWA Novita 3.0 with a slight Flanger effect. I love this song now for a long time and this violin fits it so well!

Carbon Violin

A couple of weeks ago I visited the workshop of and was allowed to take an acoustic violin with me to check it out.

So I compared it with my two main stage instruments: my six-stringed electric violin and my beautiful old acoustic violin. And it is simply amazing, what such an instrument from carbon is able to offer!

Have a listen and a look; give me some feedback and subscribe for my channel – but especially take a look at Carbon Klang!


Already in 2018 I was invited to participate at the Wacken:Music:Camp as Band Coach.

In my case I am allowed to assist all string playing young musicians. Not to teach, but to give a little help to realise their own ideas.

At the same time I could use this great opportunity to have a talk with these young musicians. About their reasons to leave the Classical genre. And about their view on our string instruments, which find their way constantly, but still slow into Rock Music.

I wish you to have joy with my latest vlog episode! And I would feel honored about your likes, feedback and sharing!