Tour Start with Subway To Sally

Today, March 24 2017, Subway To Sallys continue their 2016 “NEON”-Ekustik-Tour and start in “Schlachthof”, Wiesbaden. One change appears (besides the change of the violinist): this beautiful instrument will play in three songs. Ally’s stage premiere with the Nyckelharpa.

Again in studio for Ally the Fiddle

The past days have been very exciting for “Ally The Fiddle“! First our new musician and Chapman Stick player Rouven joined us to bring some excellent new sounds on the upcoming album, then Ally was singing all needed vocal parts and last but not least our friend Alf Ator (Knorkator) joined us for a few choir sounds to make the final song of the album complete. Thanks to everyone for this very intense week!! Especially to Henk, the master on the faders.

Enjoying the evening after a hard day of work: Band, Family and Friends.

Alf Ator (Knorkator)