Subway to Sally: the picture book of the anniversary

Here it comes! A big book filled with pictures from rehearsals, touring in backstages and busses, from various angles on stage, which are not available for the audience and from the musicians away from their business as band musicians. Photographer Stefan Anker accompanied us for a whole year.

Available on the upcoming tour of Subway to Sally: “Eisheilige Nacht 2017”.

Tickets and Tour:

Contemporary Christmas Carols

It is already a little bit “christmassy” and who searches for scores will find them very soon here. In the score book “Das dicke Weihnachtsbuch” (means “The big Christmas Book”) you will find well known and less known Christmas Carols, some in original tune and some in a modern arrangement.
[The book is in german language.]

Also I appear in the book as arranger: sometimes swinging, sometimes modern classical, sometimes folky – for various string ensembles.


“A story for children about the legends of the Christmas Carols, told by Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar with their magic ball, which shares a look into future…
In original tunes and new arrangements for various instrumental ensembles by Ally StorchMichele CagolVerena Comploj, Hartwig Eschenburg and Anika Dobreff.
Another view on the Christmas Carols to reawaken the children’s (and adult’s) interest and to put some forgiven Carols into new light.
A book for the whole family, music schools, schools, for everyone, who likes to sing, play or listen to Christmas Carols and who wants to learn more about them.” – Anika Dobreff


Ally in TOP magazine

I am honored to appear in the latest issue of “top magazin”.

“It is this variety, the wandering between the genres, the trying out and developing new aspects of music what values and appeals to the passionate musician that much.”

Many thanks to Annett Ullrich for the interview and Kathleen Friedrich for the pic!